What New Employees Can Expect in Their First Month

Onboarding: What New Employees Can Expect in Their First Month

June 5, 2023  |  construction careers, employment
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Interested in joining one of the fastest growing industries in the world? Then SiteWORX is the perfect option for you! 


When potential new hires are interested in joining the SiteWORX team, one of the most common questions we get is what new employees can expect in their first month, especially regarding onboarding. 


Part of our new hire training and orientation is to introduce new team members to SiteWORX's company culture and lay out what you can expect during your working hours.  


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For this post, we have laid out four key questions that new hires often have during onboarding to help you get a better understanding of the job’s expectations and responsibilities in your new construction role.  


Four Common Questions About SiteWORX and Your New Role in the Construction Industry 

1. What are the key goals of the onboarding process for new employees in their first month?  


A: Our goal is to review policies and procedures involving both HR and Safety. We want the new employee to feel comfortable with the team and our way of conducting business.  




2. What are the most important things that new employees should know and understand about the company culture?  


A: Pride. We’re grateful and proud that people choose SiteWORX as the place to build their careers and support their families. We’re proud of the work the team accomplishes. We’re proud of our reputation and we’re proud of our success. We’re proud of what our work provides for the community. We lay the groundwork for the places people call home and work. We lay the groundwork for the places where people will shop and where they will get the care they need. We’re proud that we will be able to point out our work to future generations.  




3. What specific tasks and responsibilities can new employees expect to have during their first month?   


A: This depends on the position and experience level. Those starting their careers in construction will start with learning basic tasks and will work their way into more responsibility as they learn. Those who already have an established career in construction may start with more tasks or responsibilities. 


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4. What kind of training and support will be provided to new employees to help them get up to speed quickly?  


A: The training plan depends on the position you’ve been hired for. We offer on-the-job training. Construction is typically hands-on and job shadowing. Additionally, we offer a range of in-house safety training. We also offer access to online resources. 




Launch Your Career in Construction with SiteWORX 


There is a reason we are one of the Cincinnati and Dayton area's fastest-growing construction companies. We focus on building a culture and environment that helps our team grow.  


New team members frequently have questions about their new roles, and we are happy to answer these questions so our new team members can start their careers off strong! 


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Employee orientation and new training or onboarding can be intimidating, so SiteWORX makes it our goal to ensure that all new hires have the resources they need to thrive.  


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