Our Difference

Our goal at SiteWORX is complete customer satisfaction by exceeding customer expectations with honesty and integrity.

Customer Service

SiteWORX knows the best business strategy is a great customer experience.  Great customer experiences are why a significant portion of our revenue every year is from repeat customers.  The customer experience starts with engaged management that is directly involved in every project from proposal to completion.  We pride ourselves on having the resources and technology of a substantial company, but still provide an intimate experience.  We are structured in such a way that we are able to provide a very direct and open dialogue that comes from a staff with decades of experience, enhanced with cutting edge technology that provides communication that we believe is second to none. 

SiteWORX believes that Customer Satisfaction starts day one.  We take a tremendous amount of pride in Value Engineering.  Our ability to analyze a project particularly those items associated with Earthwork is unrivaled.  We have relationships with engineers that we have spent years fostering to earn their trust and we have become the go-to site contractor for constructability and budgeting questions for many engineers.  We also believe that accurate, honest scheduling is a hallmark that we continue to hone.  We will never produce a schedule we do not feel that we cannot live up to and go above and beyond to keep projects on schedule.

We also know that a great customer experience comes from an engaged work force that takes an enormous amount of pride in the quality of their work and we are fortunate to provide this to our customers. 

We believe that engaged experienced employees combined with hard work done with quality, honesty and humility allow SiteWORX to live up to our customer's expectations, as well as our own.  This allows us to push industry boundaries of what a site development contractor looks like and how it operates, providing customers with an unparalleled customer experience.  This is OUR difference.