How SiteWORX Utilizes Technology on the Construction Site

How SiteWORX Utilizes Technology on the Construction Site

November 7, 2022  |  Construction, Technology
technology on the job site

The future of labor and industry is in technology. That’s why SiteWORX is committed to implementing the latest, most advanced construction technologies in our day-to-day assignments and routines.  


Investing in technology means putting time and money into exploring new developments and how they can make the jobs of construction workers more efficient and less complicated. At SiteWORX, we have aimed to do just that by focusing on technology in the following three areas.  


  • GPS and Machine Control 

  • Telematics 

  • Drones 


These three areas have already shown tremendous yields for our team's efficiency and helped attract new workers. But what sets us apart from the rest of the construction industry? 




In this post, we will go over how SiteWORX is using technology on the construction site to keep up with industry standards and surpass expected norms.  


SiteWORX and Technology on the Construction Site 


Since its founding, SiteWORX has been committed to investing resources towards improving internal technology and producing a more efficient output.  


Let’s take a look at the three main areas where SiteWORX has invested in advanced technology. 


GPS and Machine Control 


GPS and Machine Control technologies are all about three things, speed, accuracy, and efficiency.  


Changes on a construction site often need to be implemented instantly. That means that immediate machine control is an absolute must, especially when working with heavy equipment.  


The biggest and most prominent investments are geared towards machine-to-machine, machine-to-office, and office-to-machine communication.  


In short, GPS and machine control technologies are all about knowing where machines are, how they are being used, and ensuring safety for everyone on site.  




Like GPS and machine control, telematics is all about prompt communication to help ensure site safety and efficiency.  


GPS-enabled telematics helps a construction site keep track of all major equipment. Keeping track of all assets on a site helps ensure the project stays on its pre-determined timeline and is under budget.  


Telematic technology also ensures that the operators and foremen can remain focused on their responsibilities without the need for constant back-and-forth communication with upper management.  


It’s all about data and improving machine output. Sites that use telematic technology are better equipped for machine maintenance, improving worker efficiency, and reducing pricy energy waste.  


Valuable real-time insights into on-site operations help streamline operations and make it easier to manage raw resources, vehicles and equipment, and worker safety. Not only that but when a site works more efficiently, workers are happier and more engaged on site.  




Drones are one of the most profound technological improvements of the last fifteen years. It comes as no surprise that drones have made a significant difference in the construction industry.  


At SiteWORX, we have made investments in drone technology to help shape the future of our company and industry. 


Drones provide expansive spatial data with accuracy and precision that cannot be matched. They have made land surveying easier than ever before, and that means reduced mistakes on-site and a more efficient timeline and budget.  


Photogrammetry software processes data from each drone flight, allowing for the easy creation of digital elevation models, orthophotos, and 3D point clouds.  


Data that has been imported into a geographic information system output expansive secondary data like shapefiles, contour lines, and raster products.  


This allows for overlaying spatial data on CAD drawings. Professionals can use this data to compare as-designed to as-built, meaning they can identify mistakes before on-site execution.  


SiteWORX Uses Technology to Build Beyond the Ordinary 


Improvements in technology are a big part of why SiteWORX has quickly established itself as a leader in Cincinnati's total site development.  


When a construction company uses technology more efficiently and effectively, it allows workers to spend more time focusing on their job and less time waiting around.  


It is for that reason that we attract and retain the best talent in the industry. 


From land clearing, roadway construction, and underground utility, SiteWORX has used the latest technologies to improve it all.  


Ready to add your name to the SiteWORX roster and start a career in the construction industry? Reach out to SiteWORX today!