Healthy Habits for Construction Workers

Healthy Habits for Construction Workers

March 7, 2022  |  Construction, Tips and Tools
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Your health is the most important thing you have. 


So why does it seem that so many construction workers ignore their health in favor of quick fixes? 


If you work in construction and you are not making conscious choices to prioritize your own health, then eventually your body will begin to wear down.  


These poor choices, such as excessive caffeine consumption or habitual lack of sleep, make it harder for your body to recover from strenuous labor and fight off diseases.  


In other words, the better your health is, the less likely you will need to call in sick and miss work. 


If you are preparing for a lucrative career in construction, then healthy habits will be the key to your success. Choose a construction job where your health and safety are valued. It will go a long way for peace of mind over the course of your career. 


In this post, we will detail the habits of a healthy construction worker and what workers can do to ensure health standards are met.  


Tips to Build a Healthier Construction Worker  


Construction is a demanding job. To do it right, you need to take care of your body. 


Use the list below to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  


Stay hydrated.  


The most important thing you can do on a construction site is to keep up your fluid levels.  


Dehydration saps your productivity and makes it difficult to focus on individual tasks.  


Hot weather only makes this problem worse.  


All site managers must make sure a fully stocked hydration station is available at each active site.  


Do not leave hydration up to individual workers, as it can be very easy to lose track of hydration or run out of water.  


Practice basic hygiene. 


To be brief, wash your hands.  


Lack of basic hygiene can lead to a lot of issues. For example, approximately 20% of all respiratory illnesses could have been prevented through hand washing.  


Infection and diarrhea-related illnesses are very common in areas where hygiene is lacking.  


All workers should bathe regularly and wash their hands before, during, and after physical labor.  


Develop a nutritional meal plan.  


It can be all too easy to miss meals on site.  


Who has time to cook a meal at home when the gas station is right around the corner?  


While gas station meals are tasty and inexpensive, they are largely lacking in nutrition.  


Physical work is highly demanding and if you are not getting any nutrition from your meal, your body will wear down more quickly.  


Every site manager should create a comprehensive nutritional guide for workers, including vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.  


Reduce consumption of caffeine and alcohol.  


There’s nothing like a little bit of caffeine to help you wake up in the morning, but if you are relying on caffeine and alcohol to help you get through the day, your body will soon begin to wear down. 


Every worker should get eight hours of sleep per night and take regular breaks.  


Have injuries been evaluated immediately? 


Many workers fear they will lose their jobs if they report a serious injury and so they pretend the injury accident never happened. 


The truth is that injuries only lead to more injuries.  


If you are hurt on site, you must report your injury immediately. It could save your life.  


Habits for a Healthier Site 


Construction isn’t an easy job. It can be even harder for workers to help themselves to be healthy and ready for work.  


Both the worker and the company they work for must prioritize worker health and safety above all else.  


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