Our Difference

Our goal at SiteWORX is complete customer satisfaction by exceeding customer expectations with honesty and integrity.

SiteWORX Equipment

Image from Columbus Equipment article on SiteWORX


In an industry full of examples of just doing business as usual, SiteWORX not only understands the need to utilize the latest cutting edge technology, but has embraced it as a core competency. Our significant investments in the areas of Global Positioning Systems and Machine Control allows us to be more efficient and minimize the amount of rework and / or re-mobilizations required. When used in conjunction with our recent addition of Telematics, we have real time data on every piece of equipment and truck, large or small, which allows us to analyze a vast array of data all with a focus of tracking efficiency of vehicles and equipment to minimize fuel and maintenance expenses along with downtime.

Our investment in in industry leading estimating software allows us to provide more accurate and aggressive estimating teamed with our cutting edge accounting software give us a view into job costing that not every contractor has afforded to them.  A truly advanced operational software allows us to utilize resources most efficient while knowing on a daily basis whether a crew was operating in a profitable manner and gives us the flexibility and knowledge to make changes literally on a daily basis.

All of the investments in this technology are the result of significant research into how SiteWORX can differentiate itself from the pack; from doing business as usual. It is our investment in cutting edge technologies that is OUR Difference.