Our Difference

Our goal at SiteWORX is complete customer satisfaction by exceeding customer expectations with honesty and integrity.


At SiteWORX, promoting and achieving a safe work environment is our #1 priority.  We believe that there is no project or schedule that is more important than the health and safety of our workforce, causes unnecessary risk to our customers and to the public at large.  We are successful at providing a safe work environment by an updated comprehensive safety plan and company-wide safety seminars.  Weekly Toolbox Talks keep the topic of safety in front of our crews while keeping them up to date on the latest industry related safety topics.  All of our employees carry a minimum of OSHA 10 Hour certifications, while a significant portion of our staff has been certified in MSHA Experienced New Miner Training.  Additionally, we employ a third party safety consultant that performs unannounced safety inspections, ensuring that the safest work environment is being maintained by our workforce even without direct oversight.  We believe that all of this has created a culture where safety is a priority, that our workforce has taken ownership of maintaining a safe work environment not only for themselves, but for their co-workers and by removing risk from our customers.  Furthermore, we continue to research and pursue safety programs that will allow us to not only provide a safe work environment, but be an industry leader in safety.

Our continued pursuit of new and innovative safety programs and procedures coupled with an educated, concerned workforce that has fostered a culture of "Safety First" is OUR Difference.