Our Difference

Our goal at SiteWORX is complete customer satisfaction by exceeding customer expectations with honesty and integrity.


As most people in our industry know, a company’s performance comes down to its resources. Its ability to obtain and maintain the most efficient tools & equipment. More importantly attracting a talented, skilled, driven workforce. We are fortunate to be able to offer both to our customers.

All of our vehicles and equipment are late model equipped with the latest technology, such as GPS and Telematics, and maintained well above industry standards. Our fleet is among the most efficient you will find in the Tri-State area.

We have been fortunate to attract talented, experienced and skilled Foreman and Superintendents that believe in doing things right way, exceeding expectations with honesty and integrity and have helped foster a culture among employees that we believe has created a dynamic workforce that is second to none.

This has allow us to grow to a point that there is not a project too big for us to take on while being efficient enough to be competitive. We routinely are awarded projects of both sizes. Our Tools & Equipment along with a dedicated, driven staff allow our performance to be OUR Difference.